Anger and loathing in France as 'neo-Nazi' skinheads beat left-wing activist to death

Politicians in France have reacted with horror and outrage after a 19-year-old student and anti-fascist activist was beaten up and fatally injured during a confrontation with skinheads wearing neo-Nazi slogans in the centre of Paris. Clément Méric, who was reportedly hit with a knuckle duster, was taken to hospital with terrible head injuries. His death was announced later. Seven people have since been arrested in connection with the deadly assault. Mediapart reports on an incident that has sent shock waves through the French political establishment.

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The mainstream political parties in France have reacted in horror and outrage after a 19-year-old left-wing student activist was beaten to death by a group of skinhead thugs in the centre of Paris. Experts say it is the first such major violent attack carried out by extreme right-wingers since the 1980s. Some on the Left blamed the recent anti gay marriage protests for poisoning the political atmosphere in the country and paving the way for violence from the extreme right.