Lottery player in France wins 1m-euro draw twice in 19 months

A man from the French Alps region last month won for the second time a 1 million-euro jackpot with numbers randomly assigned when playing the EuroMillions lottery, something estimated to have a 1 in 16 trillion chance of happening and far more unlikely than the odds of someone being struck by lightening twice.

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A man from south-east France has won the country's "My Million" lottery draw for the second time in less than two years – a feat that mathematicians say has odds of one in 16 trillion, reports BBC News.

The winner, who was not named, won his first 1 million euros (£877,000) in November 2016 and continued to play each week.

Last month he won his second 1 million euros.

The newsagent in the Haute-Savoie region where the ticket was bought said the winner had barely reacted, adding: "I guess he is used to winning."

My Million is a smaller draw run alongside the main EuroMillions lottery.

Players in EuroMillions, with its huge jackpots, are automatically entered for the second draw with a series of randomly assigned numbers.

The lucky double winner says he intends to keep playing, French media reported, trusting in the old adage that things always come in threes.

Mathematicians quoted by Le Parisien newspaper said that the odds of winning My Million once were about 19 million to one and EuroMillions 140 million to one.

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