Post-lockdown, restaurant staff in France are saying ‘adieu’ to exploitation


In a gradual lifting of the restrictions introduced to contain the Covid-19 epidemic in France, cafés and restaurants were allowed to re-open in June after a lengthy period of closure. But employers report increasing difficulties in finding staff, many of whom appear to have decided, after months laid off, to quit insecure and demanding jobs in which they complain of being exploited and undervalued. Cécile Hautefeuille reports from the Mediterranean resort of La Grande-Motte.


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Juggling a tray, Margot energetically zigzagged from table to table on the terrace of the Café Jules, overlooking the beach at La Grande-Motte in southern France. “Everybody’s missing,” she said, pausing between round-trips to the bar. “All the colleagues have left to go and do other things.”