Secret services fear Islamic State 'travel agency' could return jihadists to France


The Islamic State terrorist organisation has been quietly preparing for the loss of its self-styled Caliphate for several months. France's security services now fear that its fighters might be moved to other areas of jihadist conflict or into Europe. In particular they have have raised concerns over the role of the terrorist's mysterious 'Emigration and Logistics Committee' based in Turkey, the Lebanon and Jordan, amid fears it may be used to send French and other European jihadists back to their country of origin. Matthieu Suc reports.

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When he was interviewed by journalist Laurent Delahousse on December 17th, 2017, Emmanuel Macron wasn't getting too far ahead of himself with his prediction that “between now and the middle or end of February we'll have won the war in Syria”. For the war against Islamic State that the French president was talking about is extending its borders. Over and above the military reverses and loss of territory that IS suffered to its self-styled Caliphate in 2017, President Macron is very well aware of the reports from France's secret services that for a month or more have warned about the organisation's “imminent” plans to move underground.