Vandals hit Paris plaque for France's last executed gays


Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo attacked the 'shameful demonstration of homophobia' shown by attack on plaque commemorating executions in 1750.

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A plaque commemorating a gay couple burnt alive at a city hall in 1750 was the target of the third attack in as many months, reports Deutsche Welle.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo took to Twitter to decry the "shameful demonstration of homophobia."

The  street plaque in front of Paris city hall, the Hotel de Ville, was defaced by homophobic vandals on Monday.

The plaque commemorates Bruno Lenoir and Jean Diot, who were burnt to death at the site in 1750. The two were the last men to be put to death for homosexuality, which was decriminalized in 1791.

The vandals smeared the plaque with black paint and sheets of paper printed with the words: "To make a child I must be a man and not gay." 

Read more of this report from Deutsche Welle.

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