Charlie Hebdo killings: an assault on our freedoms


The massacre that took place at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday morning is an act without precedent, writes Mediapart editor François Bonnet. The killers who targeted the satirical magazine also attacked the very heart of what makes a democracy, freedom of the press and, beyond that, our individual and collective freedoms.

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Twelve dead and eleven wounded. An editorial team massacred in cold blood, two police officers killed. The attack carried out by a group of three men against satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is certainly “the French press's blackest day”, as the journalists' organisation Reporters sans frontières ('Reporters without Borders') has said. It is an unprecedented act, an act that has never occurred before either in France or anywhere else in the world. It is an act of terror – the deadliest for 50 years – of whom the first victims are the members of the Charlie Hebdo editorial team. It is they who have nurtured this magazine, a magazine which, since its creation in 1969, has stood as a symbol of our freedoms.