Managing the lockdown in a French psychiatric care unit


Amid the heightening of the coronavirus epidemic in France, Mediapart has been asking doctors from a range of different hospital services to describe, in their own words, their day-to-day experiences and difficulties in coping with the current crisis. Here, Marion, a 28-year-old in-house junior doctor in an adult psychiatric care unit in the north-east town of Reims, details the very acute problems for her patients in observing the strict social confinement restrictions imposed under the national lockdown, and the “boomerang” effect to come from cancelled consultations.

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Marion is a 28-year-old junior doctor in an adult psychiatric care unit at a hospital in the town of Reims, in the Champagne region, about 150 kilometres east of Paris. The unit, one of several managed by the EPSM, (for “l’établissement public de santé mentale de la Marne”) is home to about 20 patients who have all been subject to the restrictions introduced across France by the lockdown on public movement that began on March 17th.