Is Astérix creator Albert Uderzo being swindled by members of his entourage?


The 85-year-old French artist who co-created the world-famous Astérix comic book series is surrounded by advisers and employees who benefit enormously from his largesse. Crying foul play, Albert Uderzo’s only daughter succeeded in getting an examining magistrate to look into the affair. Mediapart's Michel Deléan reveals the inside story of the ongoing investigation.


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Is Albert Uderzo, the famed creator of the comic strip character Astérix the Gaul (1), being milked for all he’s worth by his entourage? The 85-year-old cartoonist’s only daughter, Sylvie Boyer de Choizy, has lodged an official complaint for abus de faiblesse, or 'abuse of frailty', and the police are investigating.