French government hides explosive report on grim plight of Mayotte

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Mediapart can reveal details of a report compiled by six French ministries about the tragic situation faced by France's Indian Ocean archipelago. Covering issues such as health, housing, law and order, education and the legal system, the report's contents are devastating for the French state. Drawn up in January 2022, the document shows that the security-focused approach of interior minister Gérald Darmanin cannot, on its own, solve Mayotte's many problems. Fabrice Arfi and Nejma Brahim report.

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The French government has been sitting on an alarming report since January 2022 about the situation in the Indian Ocean archipelago of Mayotte. The report, which has not been made public, shows that Mayotte – the poorest of France's départements or counties - faces a host of tragic issues in the domains of security, health, the legal system and education.