Former French minister and police chief 'to stand trial' over cash payments


Former French minister Claude Guéant and a former director-general of the French national police force, Michel Gaudin, are to stand trial later this year on charges of misappropriation of public funds, Mediapart has learnt. The judicial investigation into the two men was prompted by an official administration report which found that Guéant received a secret monthly tax-free bonus of 10,000 euros in cash between the summer of 2002 and up to the summer of 2004, paid out of funds destined for police activities, while he served as chief-of-staff to then interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy. Michel Deléan reports.

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Former French interior minister Claude Guéant and Michel Gaudin, former director-general of France's national police force between 2002 and 2007, are to be sent for trial for the misappropriation of interior ministry funds, Guéant's lawyer has told Mediapart.