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Revealed: the man who handles the budget minister's own personal fortune

Jérôme Cahuzac, the budget minister accused of having a secret Swiss bank account until 2010, has amassed considerable wealth from his work as a hair transplant surgeon and consultant. Mediapart can reveal the name of the man who handles the minister's personal wealth, the ultra-discreet Hervé Dreyfus (see photo, right). Mediapart can also disclose it was Dreyfus to whom Cahuzac was talking during his now infamous telephone conversation when he was accidentally recorded talking about the Swiss account – whose existence he still continues to deny. Fabrice Arfi, Dan Israel, Mathilde Mathieu and Martine Orange investigate the financial background and contacts of France's under-fire budget minister.

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The French budget minister who kept a secret Swiss bank account also uses the services of a financial expert to handle his own personal wealth, Mediapart can reveal. Jérôme Cahuzac, who has denied ever having such an account despite the fact that he was taped talking about it, has for years entrusted his financial secrets to wealth manager Hervé Dreyfus.

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