'I'm only in the dock because I'm a Muslim'


The arrest and conviction of protesters following pro-Palestinian and pro-Gaza demonstrations in Paris have led to accusations of judicial double standards. Critics claim that young non-white Muslims have been singled out for punishment by the police and courts. Here Mediapart highlights the case of a young man called Mohamed who was convicted after intervening when his younger brother was stopped by police officers following a pro-Gaza protest on July 13th. Though his sentence was reduced on appeal, Mohamed still insists he did nothing wrong and says he was only arrested because he is a Muslim who supports the Palestinian cause. Thomas Saint-Cricq reports.

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Scores of people who took part in pro-Gaza protests in Paris in July and early August have been arrested, provoking claims that the police authorities have been targeting non-white Muslim demonstrators. For example, 110 people were detained by police during unauthorised demonstrations on July 19th and July 26th.