Alain Krivine: the integrity of a revolutionary


The death of Alain Krivine on March 12th, at the age of 80, saw the passing of the last of the leading militants of the May 1968 revolts in France who remained faithful to the ideals of his youth, mixing anti-imperialism, anti-Stalinism and anti-capitalism. To this fidelity, writes Mediapart’s publishing editor Edwy Plenel, his personality added a manifest integrity, which ran counter to the lust for power and party sectarianism.

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Ça te passera avec l’age – “You’ll Grow Out of It”. When, in 2006, Alain Krivine agreed to write a memoir recounting not his life but a “collective adventure” embodying “the possibility of a democratic revolution”, he chose that phrase as the title of his account.