'We're losing 5-0': the sombre mood among French socialist MPs after budget minister's resignation

The resignation of budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac after a full judicial investigation was launched over his Swiss bank account sent shock waves through the ruling Socialist Party. Many MPs refuse to believe that their colleague has lied over the affair. Others want to turn the page as quickly as possible and put the matter behind them. But as Mathieu Magnaudeix, Stéphane Alliès and Lénaïg Bredoux report, one thing that is certain is that the resignation has not improved the mood in the ruling party, where one MP likened the current situation to a football match in which his side is being hammered...

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Like a phoenix from the ashes, prime minister Jean-Marc Ayrault was supposed to rise to the occasion as the government faced its first parliamentary motion of censure from the right-wing UMP opposition.