Revealed: the hidden report on lavish perks paid to former French presidents


A confidential report submitted to President François Hollande two years ago and never made public, authored by the heads of France’s Court of Audit and State Council, estimates the total annual cost of specific perks paid to the country’s three surviving former presidents, plus the provision of personal security protection, at 10.3 million euros, Mediapart can reveal. The 26-page document, published here, recommends that the lavish privileges accorded to them be reduced for reasons of “modernization, transparency and control of public spending”. Mathilde Mathieu reports.

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A report led by the heads of the French Court of Audit and the Council of State recommending an overhaul of the lavish life-long privileges accorded to former French presidents which, together with security protection costs, total 10.3 million euros per year, has been gathering dust for more than two years since it was handed to President François Hollande.