French surgeon discovered trying to sell X-ray of Bataclan victim online


French orthopaedic surgeon Emmanuel Masmejean placed for sale online an X-ray of a woman survivor of the November 2015 terrorist shooting attack at the Bataclan theatre in Paris, on which a Kalashnikov bullet can be seen lodged in her arm. The victim had not been asked her permission for the sale and publication of her X-ray, which the surgeon priced at 2,776 dollars. Following Mediapart’s revelation of the attempted sale, the Paris public hospital administration described Masmejean’s behaviour as “shocking and indecent” and he now faces legal and disciplinary action. Matthieu Suc reports.

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A French orthopaedic surgeon is facing legal and disciplinary action following Mediapart’s revelations that he tried to sell online an X-ray of a woman victim of the November 2015 terrorist attack on the Bataclan theatre in Paris.