Swiss send France information on soccer star Patrick Vieira's bank account

Authorities confirm that the request for details concerns an account held at Swiss bank UBS by the former Arsenal captain.

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France has asked Switzerland for information relating to a Swiss bank account held, or once held, by retired French soccer star Patrick Vieira, Swiss tax authorities said on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

Under a bilateral treaty, France may ask Switzerland for judicial aid in cases where tax is paid in two different countries on the same income, or in cases where authorities suspect tax evasion or fraud.

Tackling tax evasion is an issue French President Francois Hollande is pushing hard to help trim public debt without further stifling France's recession-stricken economy and also because of a tax scandal involving a former government minister.

The request regarding Vieira - first conveyed on Dec. 23 - related to an account at Swiss bank UBS, Switzerland's AFC federal tax administration said in a statement.

No further information was available, including whether the account was still open or why the tax authorities were only making the request public now.

"The AFC is passing on the requested information, received from the holder of the information, UBS in Switzerland, to the relevant French authorities," the statement said.

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