How Macron has – once again – seized the Right's political terrain as election looms


When Emmanuel Macron recently set out his manifesto for next month's presidential election he adopted both the language and the policies of the mainstream Right. As a result the official right-wing candidate, Valérie Pécresse from the Les Républicains party, has seen her own position on the political spectrum squeezed. Her supporters are now wondering how to counter Macron's occupation of the Right's political terrain – and, indeed, whether it can be countered at all. Ilyes Ramdani reports.

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In the comic series Tintin, only two features allow you to tell the difference between the characters Dupont and Dupond; the last letter of their name and the shape of their moustaches. There are a few more differences between the manifestos of President Emmanuel Macron and the mainstream Right's presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse, but they still give the impression that they are more or less identical. After five years in office in which he has adopted the language and posture of the Right, Emmanuel Macron marked a new stage in his relentless drift rightwards when he recently revealed his manifesto for next month's presidential election.