Revealed: the link between the 2010 and 2015 terror plots against the Paris Bataclan

By Philippe Cohen-Grillet

Of the 130 people killed by gunmen and suicide bombers during the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, the single worst toll was at the siege of the Bataclan theatre and music hall which left 90 people dead. It has since emerged that the Bataclan was already the target of a jihadist plot in 2010, while France’s justice minister has dismissed any connection between that and the massacre in November. Mediapart has obtained access to a Belgian police report sent to their French colleagues in 2011 which clearly identifies the close links between the main suspect in the 2010 plot and the French jihadist who fronted the Islamic State group’s video claiming responsibility for the November attacks.

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Responsibility for the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 130 people dead and more than 350 others wounded, was claimed by the Islamic State group in a video posted online and fronted by Fabien Clain, 37, a Muslim convert originally from the French Indian Ocean island of La Réunion.