Death of Libyan minister linked to Sarkozy election funding 'highly suspicious'


Officially Shukri Ghanem died after suffering a heart attack and falling into the River Danube where he drowned. But few people have ever believed this official version of the former Libyan oil minister's death in Vienna in April 2012. Hillary Clinton's leaked emails show that her entourage and American diplomats considered at the time that Ghanem's death was “highly suspicious”. Mediapart has also contacted an acquaintance of the former oil minister in Vienna who has raised several potential theories behind the Libyan's death, including one involving “bribes” to politicians in France, Italy – and Britain. Agathe Duparc reports from Geneva.

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“Not one Libyan I have spoken to believes he flung himself into the Danube, or suddenly clutched his heart in pain and slipped silently into the river.” This comment is contained in an email written on June 7th, 2012, by Christopher Stevens, who had just been appointed United States ambassador to Libya, concerning the mysterious “drowning” of Shukri Ghanem in Vienna a month before.