How close friend of Macron ally won public works contracts


According to information seen by Mediapart an architect friend of senior politician Richard Ferrand won several public contracts from a local authority at the start of the 2000s just after the latter was elected to that council. Earlier this year Ferrand, a close ally of Emmanuel Macron and currently head of the president's La République en Marche party at the National Assembly, faced questions over a property deal by his partner involving a mutual health firm of which he was then managing director. The prosecution authorities later dropped their investigation. Mathilde Mathieu reports on the latest revelations.

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A close friend of Richard Ferrand, who now heads the ruling La République en Marche (LREM) party at the National Assembly, was awarded several public contracts by a council to which the politician had just been elected, Mediapart can reveal. Architect Serge Carnus, who has been a friend of Ferrand for 37 years, won the contracts from the département or county council of Finistère in Brittany in western France in the early 2000s. At the time Ferrand, who is a now key ally of President Emmanuel Macron, had just been elected to the département council.