Tunisian 'hero' facing deportation from France

After the granting of French citizenship to Mamoudou Gassama, the young Malian commended for his bravery in scaling a building last month to save a young child dangling from a balcony, the lawyer of a Tunisian man who also heroically saved several children from a fire in an apartment bloc has revealed that his client has been refused residence status in France. 

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Mamoudou Gassama, who had entered France illegally, became a national hero last week when he scaled a building to save a dangling toddler. His reward was to be granted French nationality and offered a job as a firefighter. For Aymen Latrous, a 25-year-old from Tunisia who also entered France illegally, that story is bittersweet: two years ago he saved two children from a fire yet he’s now facing deportation, reports Euronews.