Anti-globalization theorist Walden Bello on the shape of the world after Covid-19


In the aftermath, when it comes, of the Covid-19 virus pandemic the world will undoubtedly emerge with profound changes to old orders. In one of a series of reflections upon the transformations that lie ahead, Ludovic Lamant interviewed Filipino academic Walden Bello, a leading theoretician of the anti-globalization movement, who warns against the danger of the far-right “espousing deglobalization and economic nationalism of a frightening kind”.

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Walden Bello, 74, a long-serving sociology professor at the University of the Philippines, a former Communist Party militant who later joined the more moderate-Left Akbayan party who he represented as a member of the Filipino House of Representatives, is a leading figure of the anti-globalization movement as one of its earliest theoriticians, and is co-chair of the NGO Focus on the Global South.