Europe, a destination to die for - for African migrants


Clément, a young man from Cameroon, was simply seeking a better life in Europe. But in March, while trying to cross from Morocco into the Spanish enclave of Melilla, witnesses say he was so badly beaten by law enforcement officers that he died of his injuries. An Italian documentary producer was there just after his ordeal and filmed his final hours. Carine Fouteau reports on the continuing scandal of the way migrants are treated at the gateway to Europe.

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Would-be immigrants are still dying at the gateway to Europe, as a powerful documentary presented here by Mediapart bears witness. On March 16th a team of aid workers in North Africa accompanied by an Italian filmmaker, Sara Creta, came across Clément, a young man from Cameroon. Like many others, Clément had left his family in December 2012 in search of a better life, and had headed north towards Europe.