France bombs Islamic State oil supply plant in Syria


French jets attacked an oil depot near Deir Ezzor, close to the Syrian border with Iraq, in third wave of air strikes ordered by Paris over Syria.

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The French airforce on Sunday bombed an oil supply centre held by IS in eastern Syria, defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian announced Monday, reprts Al Arabiya.

“We intervened in Syria... yesterday evening with a strike on an oil supply centre near Deir Ezzor on the border between Iraq and Syria,” Le Drian told journalists on the sidelines of a forum on African peace and security in Dakar, Senegal.

It was France’s third wave of strikes in Syria since President François Hollande decided in September to join the campaign there against IS.

The two previous waves targeted training camps for foreign jihadists who were suspected of preparing attacks in France.

Hollande on Thursday said operations would be expanded to include “all those sites from which terrorists could threaten our territory.”