Afghans who aided French army denied safe haven from Taliban


The Taliban’s accelerating offensive in Afghanistan has seen six provincial capitals fall into their control in the space of a few days, raising speculation that they may be in a position to take the capital Kabul within weeks. For the Afghans formerly employed by the forces of the US led international coalition, the dangers posed to the lives of them and their families are very real and greater than ever. But up to around 80 of those employed by the French army in Afghanistan have been refused visas to find safe haven in France, despite the killing in June of one amongst them. Justine Brabant reports.

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The lightning success over recent days of the offensive by the Taliban, who have already taken control of swathes of territory in the north of the country, and the ever-greater threat of them soon entering the Afghan capital Kabul, places those Afghans who once worked for the US-led coalition forces in very serious fear for their lives and those of their families.