Saving biodiversity 'just as crucial' as tackling climate change, says French academic


The International Union for Conservation of Nature, which is currently holding its annual conference at Marseille in the south of France, has hit the headlines for its latest update on the number of animal species which face imminent extinction on the planet. But there are some experts who query whether the NGO's conserving strategy of preserving species in designated areas such as natural parks is the right one. Mediapart spoke with French geographer Estienne Rodary who argues that this modernist and colonial approach to the environment has become outdated in an inter-connected world. He says that the issues of biodiversity and climate change are interlinked and that when it comes to conserving nature the “carbon cost” of any policies needs to be taken into account. Amélie Poinssot reports.

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As with the climate, so it is with the issue of biodiversity. Conferences and summits attract thousands of people who arrive and leave by plane, their announcements are ever-more alarming, pious wishes multiply in number ... and yet governments and large corporations barely lift a finger in response.