Listen to the Yanis Varoufakis tapes of the Eurogroup meetings on the Greek debt crisis


Mediapart has obtained the secret recordings made by Greece’s former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis during the 2015 negotiations at Eurogroup meetings on the proposed bailout conditions of the Greek debt. Selected audio extracts are presented here.


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The then Greek finance ministerYanis Varoufakis attended 13 meetings in 2015 for negotiations with the Eurogroup, and so-called Troika, over the terms of a rescue plan to relieve his country's debt crisis (see main article here). He did not record the first three meetings of the Eurogroup talks which he attended, held on February 11th, 16th and 20th 2015 just weeks after his radical-left Syriza party had won parliamentary elections in Greece, when he was appointed as minister.