Diplomatic cable shows France allowed Rwandan genocide perpetrators to escape


In July 1994 in Rwanda, immediately after the fall of the murderous Hutu regime that had led the genocide of hundreds of thousands of the minority ethnic Tutsi population, a group of regime officials, including its president, had fled into a “safe zone” controlled by the French army. A document now discovered in official archives in Paris proves that the French government knew of the presence of the regime officials, but instead of detaining them it organised their escape out of Rwanda. The document, a cable sent from the office of then French foreign minister Alain Juppé, was signed by the current head of the French foreign intelligence agency, the DGSE. Fabrice Arfi reports.

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A recently discovered document from official French archives reveals that in the summer of 1994, members of the genocidal Hutu regime in Rwanda, which that year organised the slaughter of the country’s ethnic Tutsi population, were allowed to escape the country out of a zone controlled by the French army and on the direct orders of the government in Paris.