Counting the cost of Europe's 'Eurocrats'

By Quentin Ariès

A communist candidate in the forthcoming European Parliament elections in France recently called for Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker's salary to be drastically reduced. At the same time Mediapart has examined the high levels of pay and other benefits enjoyed by the civil servants who work in the Brussels-based bureaucracy. In all some 60,000 or so officials work for the EU, a number of whom have told Mediapart that their salaries are justified. Quentin Ariès reports.

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Ian Brossat, the lead candidate for the French Communist Party in the European Parliament elections on May 26th, has one thing at least in common with Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the president of Angela Merkel's party in Germany the CDU. And that is not just their firm opposition to French president Emmanuel Macron's plans to reform the European Union. For both want to see changes to the European Union's civil service.