The Tariq Ramadan scandal: the stories of domination and intimidation


The prominent Islamic intellectual, scholar and preacher Tariq Ramadan has taken leave of absence from his post as professor at Oxford University after being accused of rape and violent assault by two women who last month filed formal complaints against him in France. Other French women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and domination, and in Switzerland former female pupils of his have accused him of sexual advances, including one who was aged just 14 at the time of the reported events. Ramadan has vigorously denied the allegations, denouncing “a campaign of calumny”. Marine Turchi investigates the claims and the reasons why they have emerged so late after the alleged events.

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Following the first formal complaint for rape filed with French police against the prominent Islamic scholar and preacher Tariq Ramadan last month, several other women have come forward to separately accuse him of rape and sexual assault, and the growing scandal resulted earlier this month in him taking leave of absence from his prestigious post as professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford University.