When Paris and Brussels attacks suspect went on 'reconnaissance' mission to Manchester


Responsibility for the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena on Monday night, in which 22 people were killed and another 52 were injured, has been claimed by the Islamic State group. One of the Belgium-based IS cell that carried out the November 2015 attacks in Paris and the March 2016 bombings in Brussels travelled to Britain in July 2015, where he visited and photographed locations in Birmingham and Manchester, including a railway station and the Manchester United stadium Old Trafford. Matthieu Suc reports.

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On January 24th 2016, the Islamic State group’s official media outlet Al-Hayet released a new video on the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13th 2015 perpetrated in its name and which claimed the lives of 130 people and left another 368 wounded. The video began with a message that contained the purported codename for the bombings and shootings, “Kill them wherever you can”, along with the date and the sites that were targeted.