The dilemma for Paris over French jihadists captured in Syria and Iraq

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In the wake of the military defeats of the Islamic State group in the Middle East, a total of about 100 French nationals, including jihadist fighters, women and children, are now detained in Iraq and in Kurd-controlled territory in Syria. Their situation represents a dilemma for the French government, which is tempted to leave them in the hands of their captors and their justice systems, but which is under pressure from lawyers acting for their families who argue that to do so is unlawful and inhumane. Michel Deléan and Matthieu Suc report on the debate, and hear the arguments, which include security concerns, for and against their return.

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Following the significant military defeats of the so-called Islamic State (IS) group over recent months in Syria and Iraq, scores of European jihadists who had joined the ranks of IS have been taken prisoner by local forces.