The 'final straw': why French singer Médine is suing an MP over 'Islamist rapper' claim


In an interview with Mediapart, the French rapper Médine explained why he is suing Member of Parliament Aurore Bergé of the ruling La République en Marche party for defamation after she described him as an “Islamist rapper” and accused him of “incitement to murder”. He told Mediapart: “She's ascribing an ideology to me which obviously isn't mine. It's the final straw. I'm hoping for a conviction and a public apology.” Ismaël Bine reports.

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On Tuesday February 23rd the French rapper Médine announced that he had started legal action for defamation in Paris against the Member of Parliament Aurore Bergé. In an interview on LCI news channel on February 18th, the spokesperson for the ruling La République en Marche (LREM) party at the National Assembly had described the singer as an “Islamist rapper” who had “said that secularists should be killed”. The MP also accused him of “incitement to murder”.