French police clash with demonstrators over protester death


Running battles took place between youths and police in Nantes and Toulouse after protests over death last week of botany student Rémi Fraisse.

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French riot-control officers clashed with hooded demonstrators in Nantes and Toulouse on Saturday, a week after the death of a young activist apparently killed by a police grenade, reports Reuters.

Several police and protesters were injured as both demonstrations descended into running battles between protesters hurling projectiles and riot police firing tear gas.

The violence erupted after several hundred people gathered in each city to protest the death of Rémi Fraisse, 21, who was found dead on Oct. 26 with a wound to his back, after a standoff between police and opponents of a dam project in the Testet wetlands, near the southern city of Toulouse.

Tests on his clothing and backpack suggest Fraisse was killed by a so-called "offensive grenade", authorities have said. Used by police to disperse riots, the explosive devices were not previously thought capable of causing death.

In Nantes, the centre of long-running protests against plans for a new airport nearby, police said more than a dozen people had been arrested and at least four injured on Saturday. They included a 21-year-old woman whose legs were caught in the blast from another type of crowd-control grenade.

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