Proof of French government's lies over shortages of protective masks

An investigation by Mediapart has revealed the chaotic management at the highest levels of the French state over the crucial issue of providing protective masks to help tackle the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Our probe, which has analysed the situation since January and is based on numerous witness accounts and documentary evidence, highlights the hidden shortages, the unreliable health instructions, the neglected offers of help with importing masks, the continuing shortage of stocks and the way that some companies have been favoured. It also reveals the lies that have accompanied this mismanagement. Meanwhile hundreds of nurses have become infected with the virus. Yann Philippin, Antton Rouget and Marine Turchi report.

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Mediapart today publishes the results of an investigation which reveals the mismanagement at the highest levels of the French state over the key issue of protective masks. These errors, which have occurred from January right to the current day, amount to a state lie and have led France to an unthinkable situation: a shortage of masks for healthcare workers on the front line in the battle against Covid-19 coronavirus crisis, and for the public in general.Based on numerous witness accounts and confidential documents that Mediapart has seen, our investigation, which was conducted over several weeks, shows that: