Paris police station invaded by fleas

A police commissariat in north-east Paris has been forced to close public access to its building because of an invasion over recent weeks of fleas which police staff unions say have bitten a number of officers.

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A flea infestation has forced the partial closure of a police station in north-east Paris and drawn strong complaints from trade unions, reports BBC News.

The 19th arrondissement building is closed to the public and some services have been moved, but officers continue to work inside.

Police officers' union Alliance has demanded the site's complete closure and fumigation. According to their statement, "a flea invasion has made work conditions unacceptable" for several days.

Representatives will raise the issue at a scheduled meeting with the interior minister on Monday.

Broadcaster BFMTV reports staff were first alerted to the infestation by prisoners in the cells.

Read more of this report from BBC News.

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