The coronavirus crisis and the 'dethroning' of Emmanuel Macron


In face of the Covid-19 virus crisis, French President Emmanuel Macron has failed in his mission, presiding over disorder, a sore lack of means to fight the epidemic and a ‘communications’ campaign of lies, argues Mediapart publishing editor and co-founder Edwy Plenel. In this op-ed article, he urges the dismissal of an antiquated presidential system and the establishment of a truly democratic republic in France.

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Speaking before the French lower house, the National Assembly, on April 28th, Prime Minister Édouard Philippe had no hesitation in evoking the notion of “virtue”, which he described as being “this age-old quality which combines rectitude, honesty and courage”. The phrase came at the very end of his speech presenting “the national strategy” for lifting the lockdown on public movement introduced in France on March 17th to contain the Covid-19 virus epidemic.