The mothers and children sent back to France from jihad

At the end of July, two French women and their children were returned to France by Turkey after spending years in Syria among the ranks of the so-called Islamic State group. After their arrival, they were placed under investigation and put into preventive detention. Under a cooperation agreement between Paris and Ankara, more are due to arrive this month and will face the same procedure. Céline Martelet reports on the path of the women former jihadists, and the fate of their children.

Céline Martelet

6 August 2021 à 20h38

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French nationals Hanen Ben Chaieb and Selma Tahar Aouidate were extradited to France by the Turkish authorities during the last week of July under a police cooperation agreement signed between Paris and Ankara in September 2014, called the “Cazeneuve protocol”, after the name of the then French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

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