Parents talk of 'Kafkaesque' official response to Notre Dame toxic lead fears


Out of 175 children so far tested after the April fire at the cathedral, 16 have levels of lead in their blood above the threshold at which an initial alert is raised, according to figures from the Paris regional health authority. Two have concentrations above the level at which lead poisoning is officially declared, though one of these cases is not apparently linked to lead from the blaze. Meanwhile the parents of one child with high lead levels in his blood have spoken of the “Kafkaesque” response of the authorities to their plight. Pascale Pascariello reports.

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Sixteen out of 175 local children tested after the Notre-Dame cathedral fire earlier this year have a level of lead in their blood which is above the threshold at which an initial alert is triggered, according to figures released by the Paris regional health authority on Tuesday August 6th.