Prosecutor demands suspended jail term for top Sarkozy aide in ministry cash scam


At the end of an eight-day trial in Paris of five prefects charged with embezzling public funds, prosecutors have demanded a 30-month suspended jail sentence and a 75,000-euro fine for Nicolas Sarkozy’s former chief of staff and ex-interior minister, Claude Guéant, who they described as playing “the leading role” in a scam that siphoned off 210,000 euros in cash reserved for police investigations. Michel Deléan reports.

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The trial in Paris of five members of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s entourage charged with “misappropriation of public funds” and “conspiracy” ended this week with a bruising summing up by the prosecution against former interior minister Claude Guéant and the former director general of France's national police force, Michel Gaudin.