French bank accused of rigging evidence against 'rogue trader' Jérôme Kerivel

Jailed trader says Société Générale edited tape of interview they carried out with him after his losses were uncovered.

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A French court has ordered an investigation into whether the Société Générale bank rigged evidence against Jérôme Kerivel, following a complaint made by the rogue trader’s lawyers. Kerviel asked for his five-year prison sentence to be reduced in a separate bid earlier this week, reports RFI.

Through his lawyers Kerviel, who has been in Fleury-Mérogis prison near Paris since May, claims that his bosses edited a tape of an interview with them when it was discovered that he had lost millions of euros in dubious trading, according toLe Monde newspaper.

He claims that a passage when he accuses them of knowing what he was up to, a key part of his defence, has been cut out.

He also accuses the bank of blaming him for losses incurred by other traders and says that tax breaks of 1.7 billion euros made after the story broke but before his trial should have been deducted from the 8.9 billion euros he has been ordered to pay Société Générale.

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