Prosecutors to rule over rape claims against French film director Luc Besson

A file on the preliminary investigations by detectives into allegations of rape against celebrated French film director Luc Besson has been handed to state prosecutors in Paris who are now analysing it. Among the elements that police officers have examined are a series of photographs of the complainant, Belgian-Dutch actress Sand Van Roy, and a report from medical forensic experts confirming the presence of unexplained injuries on her body. Besson strongly denies the claims. Marine Turchi reports.

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According to Mediapart's information the preliminary investigation started in May 2018 to examine rape allegations against French film director Luc Besson has now been completed and a file handed to the prosecutors' office in Paris. Prosecutors must now decide what happens next: they could take no further action and drop the case, order additional enquiries or order a full judge-led investigation.

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