Anger as France's overseas territories lose their dedicated TV channel

The public broadcaster television channel France Ô was created to showcase the programmes and culture of France's overseas territories to Metropolitan France and provide a link between the country's mainland and its far-flung lands. But now the government in Paris has decided to axe the channel, which has been getting very low viewing figures. It will broadcast for the last time on August 23rd. Ministers insist that the channel will be replaced by a new online portal and that programmes about the overseas territories, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, will be shown in greater numbers on existing public broadcast channels. But as Julien Sartre reports, many fear that France's overseas territories may simply become “invisible” once more.

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The French government has confirmed that the public broadcasting channel dedicated to the country's overseas territories, France Ô, is to close later this month. The channel, which itself replaced RFO Sat, was created in 2005 by public broadcaster France Télévisions with the aim of showcasing programmes and culture from France's far-flung overseas territories in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific to the rest of the country. It was also seen as providing an important link between the populations in those overseas lands and the people living in Metropolitan France, including former overseas residents.

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