Tears and anger as reluctant nurses get Covid vaccine to meet French state's deadline


September 15th 2021 was the deadline for all healthcare professionals and many other workers in France to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. The list of those subject to mandatory vaccination includes non-medical staff in hospitals, gendarmes, firefighters, ambulance staff and home carers. Those who fail to comply by the deadline will face being suspended without pay. As today's deadline loomed, hospitals were trying to persuade the last remaining reluctant staff members to get their vaccinations. Many in the medical profession, while fully supporting vaccination, see the obligatory nature of the injections as a major policy failure. Caroline Coq-Chodorge spoke to some involved in this last-minute race for vaccination.

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The deadline for medical professionals and many other workers to get fully vaccinated against Covid-19 was this Wednesday September 15th. This obligation, which applies to staff in retirement homes, medical administrative staff, gendarmes, firefighters, home carers and ambulance crews among others, as well as nurses and other medical staff, was announced by President Emmanuel Macron back in July. Those who have not complied with the obligation face being suspended from their jobs with no pay.