How millions of euros donated to rebuild Notre-Dame are to go on administrative costs

By Pierre Januel

Mediapart has seen a copy of the provisional report by France's audit body, the Cour des Comptes, into how the 833 million euros raised in donations to restore the famous Paris cathedral that caught fire in April 2019 are being spent. The report, which is still confidential, makes clear the watchdog's dismay that not all of the money – some of which comes from individual donors around the world - is being used solely for the reconstruction work. Various foundations are taking a cut in administrative fees and and even the state is getting a share of it. Pierre Januel reports.

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Some of the 833 million euros donated to help rebuild the fire-ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is being spent on administrative fees and the €5 million-a-year running costs of a public body. These observations are contained in a provisional report produced by France's audit body, the Cour des Comptes, a copy of which has been seen by Mediapart.