Macron security aide scandal: the forged documents and true lies

The long-running and still unfolding saga of the scandal surrounding Emmanuel Macron’s former close security aide Alexandre Benalla has prompted serious questions over the French president’s judgement about, and relationship with, his bodyguard, and also the secretive workings of the Élysée Palace and its senior staff. Those questions are heightened with documents revealed here by Mediapart, and the account of a former minister and his senior aide – who commented that Macron's entourage "didn’t protect him sufficiently” from a young man whose rise to prominence in the presidential office almost beggars belief.

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The scandal surrounding President Emmanuel Macron’s former personal security aide Alexandre Benalla first erupted last summer when video footage was revealed in the media of Benalla and an associate, Vincent Crase, assaulting several people during disturbances at May Day marches in Paris earlier in the year, including punching and stamping on one victim.