Élysée knew Macron aide beat up demonstrators


The French presidency on Thursday was engulfed in a developing scandal after it was revealed that an official advisor on President Emmanuel Macron’s personal security assaulted demonstrators in a Paris square on May 1st, while dressed as a police officer. Video footage clearly shows Alexandre Benalla manhandling a distressed woman before launching a vicious attack on a young man who was left on his knees in agony. It now emerges that the presidency was at the time made aware of the incidents, but Benalla was given only a two-week suspension from his post. Ellen Salvi reports.

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The Paris public prosecutor’s office on Thursday announced it had opened a preliminary investigation after video footage was revealed of an off-duty senior official responsible for security at the French presidential office assaulting a young woman and a young man on the sidelines of a street demonstration in Paris on May 1st while he was dressed as a police officer.