IKEA France and former bosses to stand trial over spying charges


The Swedish furniture retail giant IKEA is accused of having set up a system of spying to obtain confidential information on job applicants, staff - including trade union representatives - and customers in France. Now, after eight years of investigation, judges have ordered that IKEA France should stand trial on spying charges in its own right as a corporation. Fifteen people, including two former chief executives of the French corporation, Jean-Louis Baillot and Stefan Vanoverbeke, are also to face trial. The allegations include claims that data on individuals was illegally obtained from French police files via police officers. Mediapart's legal affairs correspondent Michel Deléan reports.

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After eight years of investigation carried out by three successive investigating judges, IKEA France has been ordered to stand trial in its capacity as a corporate body over claims that it spied on customers, staff and trade unionists.