France sees significant rise in inequalities and poverty in 2018


According to estimations published this month by France’s national institute of statistics and economic studies, INSEE, social inequalities in the country rose to a higher level in 2018 than at any time since 2011 while, in parallel, the numbers of those in poverty also increased. Mediapart's economics correspondent Romaric Godin analyses the gloomy figures and concludes that they are the direct result of the economic and budgetary policies of President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

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On August 23rd, on the eve of the G7 summit in Biarritz, south-west France, French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a gathering at the Élysée Palace of 34 CEOs of multinational corporations, calling on them to engage in an effort “to reduce inequalities”. In neoliberal business jargon, he spoke of the forming of a “coalition of corporations” to create “inclusive growth”.